Rules And Regulations

All students willing to seek admin must note that “Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college. Anyone found guilty of ragging or abetting ragging is liable to be punished.”


 Punishable Ingredients Of Raggig

  1. Abetment to ragging.
  2. Criminal conspiracy to rag.
  3. Unlawful assembly and rioting while ragging.
  4. Public nuisance created during ragging.
  5. Violation of decency and morals through ragging.
  6. Injury to the body, causing hurt or grievous hurt.
  7. Wrongful restraint.
  8. Wrongful confinement.
  9. Use of criminal force.
  10. Assault as well as sexual offences or unnatural offences.
  11. Extortion.
  12. Criminal trespass.
  13. Offences against property.
  14. Criminal intimidation.
  15. Attempt to commit any or all of the abuse mentioned against the victim(s).
  16. Physical or psychological humiliation.

All other offences follow from the definition of “Raggings”.

 General Rules of Discipline

A) Significant instructions to students

  1. Uniform (Dress code)Uniform is compulsory for all students on all days. No student is allowed in Class Rooms, Library, Computer Lab etc. without the uniform. The defined dress code is White Shirt, Blue Jeans Pants & black Shoes.
  2. Students will be required to carry their Identity Cards all time on and off the campus.
  3. Students Should have a sufficient number of duly attested true copies of the original documents before they are submitted to the college.
  4. Necessary documents like eligibility certificates, and migration certificates, must be submitted within the time given.
  5. All admissions are provisional and after verification, the principal reserves the rights of final admissions and can cancel any admission at any time.
  6. Students must preserve all college receipts without which any fee will not be refunded.

B) Attendance

  1. 75% attendance for theory classes & practicals is compulsory.
  2. Continuous absence from classes will be liable for punishment.
  3. Attendance for college tests, tutorials and terminal examinations is compulsory.
  4. The performance of students throughout the year will be monitored and if found necessary, will be reported to parents.
  5. Use of unfair means in the college as well as in university examinations is strictly prohibited.

C) Clean and beautiful campus.

  1. Students are advised to keep the campus clean & beautiful.
  2. Writing on furniture, walls, toilet blocks be strictly avoided.
  3. Pasting hanbills, posters anywhere in the college is not allowed. Distribution of such material among students is not permitted.
  4. The college property such as furniture, library books, laboratory euipments be used extremely carefully with out causing any damage.
  5. Vehicles must be parked at the places fixed for parking. Driving on the Playground or other areas is strictly prohibited.

D) Discipline and good conduct

  1. Rude and arrogant behaviors with any college employee will attract disciplinary action.
  2. Teasing, abusing, threatening or causing physical mental injury to others will invite legal actions as Govt. anti raging law.
  3. Use of mobile phones in the class rooms, corridor, offices reading halls and examination hall is strictly prohibited. During all the college functions the mobile phone must be switched off. Violation of t-hese instructions will lead to confiscation of the handsets.

E) Request for parent’s

  1. Be alert about regularity, attendance & performance of your ward in the college & be in touch with the college authorities.
  2. Attend the “Parents Daly Function” on the date of invitation for your valuables suggestions.